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Prepping the wall

Delridge Mural Project in Progress

Earlier this month, DNDA and Youngstown launched the final phase of the Delridge Mural Project, inviting youth participants to work alongside professional teaching artists to design and create a large public mural across from the Delridge Skate Park. We are now midway through the program and participants have already taken great strides in the creation […]

Totem Star Open Mic (6)

Youth Performers Impress at Totem Star Open Mic

Last Wednesday, June 25th, I attended the Totem Star Open Mic Solstice Celebration, not really sure what to expect of the evening. I work at Youngstown during the day, and had heard snippets of students’ rehearsals, but had no idea what the performances would be like. As it turned out, the variety of genres was […]

Shepherdess, Kelli Corrado

Community Spotlight: Kelli Frances Corrado

Kelli Frances Corrado is a dark-folktronica singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and occasional visual artist who you will find frequenting the halls of Youngstown on an almost daily basis. Kelli teaches music classes to students of all ages, including lessons in guitar, vocals, and songwriting, and holds many of her lessons here at Youngstown. As she puts it, […]