Youngstown News

Twelfth Night presents A…My Name is Alice

Youngstown tenant organization Twelfth Night Productions recently held their run of Private Eyes in the Youngstown Thelma Dewitty Theater.  They will be opening their next show, A…My Name is Alice, at Kenyon Hall in April.  Check out the post below, written by Twelfth Night’s Anna Cronin, to learn more about what TNP is up to! Twelfth […]

Arts Corps is Flourishing at Youngstown

When newcomers visit the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, they are often surprised to learn that we provide office space for several arts-focused nonprofit organizations. These in-house nonprofits not only call Youngstown home, but also help develop Youngstown youth programming and use Youngstown community spaces for classes, workshops, and fundraisers. One such nonprofit is Arts Corps, […]

Thrive Success!

Last weekend, Youngstown friends and neighbors gathered to celebrate the eighth year of our cultural arts center with a night of music, food, and revelry.  As families started to filter in, the movement studio was abuzz with excited kids, eager parents, and the squeaking of balloon animals.  The evening began with live music from Eli Rosenblatt, […]